Screening on Saturday, July 29th at 4:10pm
at the Manship Theatre

This screening is FREE and open to the public!

The extraordinary untold story of how an NYPD bomb disposal expert played a key role in helping defuse the decades old “Troubles” in Northern Ireland.  In 1975 Denis Mulcahy – an Irish Immigrant – decided he couldn’t stand idly by whilst Northern Ireland blew up on his nightly news bulletin. Along with his family and neighbours in small town New York he started a scheme that would ultimately see twenty three thousand children escape the worst of the violence and in the process discover they had more in common with the ‘enemy’ at home than they thought.

With stunning archive and exclusive contributions from Bill Clinton and Martin McGuinness, this feature-length documentary weaves the personal stories of the children who escaped the brutal violence with the wider political story of how Washington struggled to deal with the issue of Northern Ireland against the backdrop of Irish-America’s complex relationship with home.

From the seemingly intractable conflict of the early seventies to the signing of an historic agreement in the late nineties, we chart the incredible story of how one man’s visionary approach to reconciliation paved the way for peace in Northern Ireland.

Year: 2016
Run Time: 91 minutes
Rating: NR
Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Countries: United Kingdom

Director: Des Henderson
Producer: Ed Stobart
Cast: Liam Neeson (narrated by)
Company: Alleycats TV

2016 IFI Documentary Festival – Best Feature Audience Award, 2017 Celtic Media Festival – Single Documentary Category Nominee