2017 O’Kalem Award Update

We’re happy to report that the 2017 O’Kalem Award has made its way safely over the pond and into the arms of Gridlock director Ian Hunt Duffy (pictured).  Another huge round of congratulations to the entire Gridlock team, especially since they continue to rack up awards on the Festival circuit!  We can’t wait to see what you guys do next.

Visit our awards page for a full run-down on the history of the O’Kalem Award of the Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival.

Congratulations, Gridlock!

Drum roll, please…And the winner is:


Huge congratulations to Director Ian Hunt Duffy and the entire cast and crew of Gridlock for taking home the 2017 O’Kalem Award for Audience Favorite Short Film at the Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival.

And a very sincere “Thank You!” to all the short films and filmmakers who were selected and participated in this year’s Festival, and to everyone who came out to watch and cast their vote. Almost everyone we spoke with said this was the strongest lineup of films yet, which also made this year’s choice the toughest!


We’re pleased to announce that all the Film selections have been made and the Festival lineup has been set!  Follow the links below to view the full schedule, along with all the amazing short and feature films that will be screening during the 2017 Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival, on July 28th and 29th at the Manship Theatre in downtown Baton Rouge.  And don’t miss our “Pub Night” lead-up event at Phil Brady’s on Monday, July 24th!


SHORT FILMS screening at BRIFF


As always, there was a wealth of Irish films submitted and previewed by our selection committee this year, and narrowing them down was no easy task.  Congratulations to all those films who were selected, and hopefully we can continue to expand our lineup to bring even more of these exceptional films to Baton Rouge in the coming years!

We look forward to celebrating Irish film and culture with you!


Congratulations, The Immaculate Misconception!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of THE IMMACULATE MISCONCEPTION for taking home the 2016 O’Kalem Award for Audience Favorite Short Film at the Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival!  We’re happy to report the award has made its way safely to CoWriter-Director Michael Geoghegan in London.

Thank you to all the films and filmmakers who participated in the 2016 Festival – you and your amazing talents are why we put on this Festival every year, and we obviously couldn’t do it without you.  Here’s to another year of great film!

Congratulations, DEADLY!

DEADLY, an Irish short film written and directed by Aidan McAteer, tells the story of Boney, a working stiff who doesn’t care about his dead-end job, until he has a run-in with a spirited old lady named Bridie…

Congratulations to DEADLY, winner of the O’Kalem Award for Audience Favorite Short Film at the 2015 Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival!  The award, pictured below, will soon be on its way to Writer-Director Aidan McAteer in Dublin.

The 2015 O'Kalem Award
The 2015 O’Kalem Award

The 3rd annual Wee Irish Film Night was held on Friday, July 31st, featuring another strong lineup of nine Irish short films: Céad Ghrá (First Love), Cutting Grass, Deadly, Land is God, Rockmount, Tea With the Dead, Under Open Skies, The Weather Report, and Rince.  Thanks to all the filmmakers who participated this year, and the attendees and sponsors who make this cultural and entertaining event possible!

If you have an Irish short film that you would like to submit for consideration in the 2016 Festival, please visit our SUBMIT page.

Congratulations, Rúbaí!


Congratulations to RÚBAÍ for taking home the 2014 O’Kalem Award of the Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival for Audience Favorite Short Film!



And a very special “thank you!” to all the shorts who were featured during Wee Irish Film Night at the 2014 Festival:  The Ledge End of Phil (from accounting), The Last Days of Peter Bergmann, Rubaí, Breakfast Wine, The Missing Scarf, Mechanic, Scratch, and Four Bhanríon (Four Queens).

This was definitely the strongest lineup of shorts we’ve ever had, and don’t know how we’re going to top them in 2015!